What Exactly Is The Perfect Size For Your Smartphone

What exactly is the perfect size for a smartphone? I am sure this will vary from person to person on their personal preference, taking aging factors like eyesight into consideration.

Battery life is another factor into screen size, basically, the bigger the screen size the more power is needed to illuminate the screen, but having said that, the bigger the screen, the more space for a larger battery.

Personally, the iPhone 4S is a little small for me without my glasses on, so a slightly larger 4 to 4.5 inches on the iphone would make it the ideal size for me, without the phone becoming a bit big for my pocket, which I personally think the Galaxy Note at 5.3 inches might just may be. But what do http://www.theverge.com think?


In the past year or so the smartphone landscape has seen a trend of screen size increasing from around 3.2/3.5 inches to 4.3, 4.65 and as high as 5.3 inches in the case of the Samsung Galaxy Note. The iPhone screen however, has remained at 3.5 inches since its debut in 2007.

iPhone 4/4S G1 Evo 4G
iPhone 4/4S960 x 640

3.5 inches

326 ppi

G1480 x 320

3.2 inches

180 ppi

Evo 4G800 x 480

4.3 inches

217 ppi

Galaxy Nexus Lumia 900 Galaxy Note
Galaxy Nexus1280 x 720

4.65 inches

316 ppi

Lumia 900800 x 480

4.3 inches

217 ppi

Galaxy Note1280 x 800

5.3 inches

285 ppi

You could argue that some Android handsets and now the Nokia Lumia 900 were forced to include larger screens as manufacturers raced to accommodate 4G WiMAX and LTE radios. These radios not only take up more room than their 3G counterparts, but also consume a lot more power, leaving no choice but to increase the physical dimensions of the devices to hold the larger circuit board and batteries. Keeping the smaller screens would have been a real waste of space not to mention looked incredibly ugly ….Read the full article at → The 4-inch iPhone 5 theory

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